Visions fugitives & Other piano works

‘Several things brought me to this composer. Both the desire and the intuition that it was time for me to attack, on the record, a composer, let’s say ‘major’ of the repertoire, and a long-standing affinity with his music.’

‘The impression also that, in a certain collective imagination, we may spontaneously tend to associate Prokofiev with a rather dissonant or percussive aesthetic, and that this prejudice (partial and certainly due to certain extremely striking works like the Sarcasmes or the Toccata) obscures other faces of the composer (the nostalgic, the dreamer, the magical…). It was a little towards these other facets that I also wanted to turn to.’ – Florian Noack, from an interview in Crescendo Magazine

‘A portrait of Prokofiev in Noack’s own image: contrasting but authentic. Restless and bright. Tender but incisive.’

Le Figaro

‘Prokofiev’s imitative writing that jumps from register to register acquires an unprecedented dark humour. Subtle modifications of tempo and an ability to make the sweeping passagework and big chordal tuttis resonate with little recourse to the sustain pedal.’


Serge Prokofiev – ‘Contes de la vieille grand-mère’ & Selection of ‘Visions fugitives’

‘Unquestionably, Florian Noack sets a new interpretative milestone and offers new insights for this essential work of the mature Prokofiev.’


‘The technique of a Prokofiev pianist must be ironclad, the playing gushing, the voicing very clear, the polyphony more soaring than sculpted, the rhythms tight – I am describing the playing of Florian Noack here as well. A magnificent album.’


‘With his ten fingers, Florian Noack gives pulse and colours to the contrasting universes imagined by Prokofiev. This album succeeds in combining originality and accessibility.’

La Croix