Brahms & Medtner

Piano Works

Florian Noack invites us on a journey to the hearts of two great polyphonists of the late Romantic era. Both the poetic science of Nikolai Medtner (1880–1951) and Johannes Brahms (1833–1897), and the density of their writing, originate in a search for polyphonics with a thousand ramifications, testifying in this sense to their shared love for the great masters of the past, such as Bach and Beethoven.

‘The admirably supple science of rubato is combined with a highly intelligent virtuosity and the most romantic expression.’

Piano News

‘Magnificent inner journey. Noack tactfully cultivates bitter and solitary melancholy, before returning to Medtner and a Sonata Tragica whose density and often refined character are marvellous under his fingers.’

Concert Classic

‘The management of the floating bass of the Campanella creates an atmosphere of terror that leaves you breathless. The less frequented Opus 8 and 48 literally take off. Finally, Noack leads the Tragic Sonata with excellence. This is where you get to know Medtner.’